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First Impressions

September 11, 2007

So after recommendations from my colleague, I finally took the plunge and started seeing The West Wing. And although I’ve tried my best to try and like the show, I haven’t yet warmed up to it. Bear in mind, this might be similar to when Peter tried to read the New Yorker.

The show is interesting in parts, especially when tempers fly or when Martin Sheen is at his best. (As a side note, the only other Martin Sheen movie† I’ve seen is Apocalypse Now) But what somehow bothers me is how everyone is either too nice, too smug or too cute – I can’t believe that I’m watching a show about politicians. No one is trying to backstab one’s colleague, or get ahead and grab that promotion, or accept bribes, yada yada yada.

To be fair, maybe I’ve grown too cynical. Or maybe the smugness is because the office of the POTUS is involved. Or maybe, the show will eventually grow on me.Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to heighten my sleep alert to orange.

† I forgot, I’ve watched one more – the brilliant Departed.