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Fake Celebrities and Onam

August 26, 2007

It was just past noon. I had just finished a scene for College Kumaran and was in my trailer, ready to break open a bottle of Chivas I had managed to smuggle onto the set. Apparently, my fans had complained that I tended to look hammered in many of my recent films. Give me a break, I have just been staying in character. Anyway, to appease them somewhat I had taken a vow not to indulge in one of the last pleasures that I have left in my life, but a man has his limits right? If sportsmen can inject themselves with steroids, actors can have the occasional drink(-ing binge) to keep them sane. To get back to my original point, I was in my trailer when I got a call from this chap in Singapore who ‘blogs’. He cut to the usual stuff – how he’s my biggest fan, how he’s seen all my movies, how he can’t wait for Sholay – savaarigirigiri. What came immediately after, took me completely by surprise.