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Jumping the shark

July 28, 2007

Of the many TV series that I have followed ever since coming here, a trend I have noticed is for shows to jump the shark. It is in a sense, very similar to death – inevitable, tragic (in most cases) and it does leave a void in your life. Various shows are forced to jump the shark at varying speeds – opinions will differ on this, but Friends started its decline from season 7 (which sort of coincides with Matthew Perry’s decline as an actor), Scrubs from Season 5, House from Season 3, 24 from Season 3, The Office (US version) from Season 3 etc. etc.

The only exception to the rule seems to be Seinfeld (of which I have seen relatively little of), which retired at its peak after 10 years. And of course, Family Guy, which as years go by just seems to get random-er and crazier, but still manages to avoid Jaws. I seriously believe that the Family Guy writers huddle together every week, come up with random ideas and celebrities they hate (or love, come to think of it), stitch them together and form a barely-recognizable-from-where-it-started-with-many-flashbacks plot – all fueled by healthy doses of coke or pot.

Which leads me to think of how hard it must be for writers to come up with fresh material episode in and episode out; actors to maintain chemistry and spontaneity in their performances; producers not to succumb to ridiculous product placements and directors not to throw in the towel by bringing in guest stars.

I wonder if blogs have a jump-the-shark threshold as well…

Postscript: You may have noticed I have conveniently avoided talking about the TV show Family Guy is supposedly inspired from. I have nothing against it per-se, it’s just that compared to Peter Griffin and his family, the S’s look like they need to get a life.

And out of a weird loyalty towards Family Guy, I have vowed not to watch the movie spin-off as well…

UPDATE: I am tempted to see it however, for Spiderpig.