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Squirt Me

October 3, 2007

The new Zunes are out – they look OK. The faces of the smaller, flash based ones seem to be inspired by Mickey Mouse, and I still don’t understand Microsoft’s weird obsession with the colour brown† and undecipherable punchlines: You make it you*.

Personally though, I hope the second-gen Zunes do well because that will only mean that the iPods will get much better. The Starbucks-music-buying-and-browsing feature on the iPod Touch seems to be a better executed version of the infamous squirt technology on the original Zune.

Here’s to great Zune sales.

*The first-gen had the great punchline: Welcome to the social.

†It’s actually a rather dirty green. My bad.


The Heat Is On

September 26, 2007

Competition is always a good thing. It brings out the best in the lazy incumbent, and it always means best for the consumer – because it means more choice, and less tie down.

That is why I feel the Amazon MP3 service is a God-Send. The iTunes Music Store has in recent times (justifiably or unjustifiably) received quite some stick for its closed-doors policy, its perceived greed and its lock-down. The Amazon MP3 service, though still lacking the finesse of the iTunes Music Store, has aimed to answer some questions which Apple have been a little less forthcoming in answering:

  • DRM-free music is priced at lesser (or equal to) than the equivalent DRM-shackled music you can buy at iTunes, and
  • variable pricing makes an introduction – something which Apple have been very reluctant to offer.

Though Amazon MP3 says the service is restricted to US-only customers, I believe they do not perform any credit-card verification; so long as you to* enter a valid US address, you are free to purchase.

As for me, I’m enjoying John Coltrane‘s ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’, without having to worry about whether I’m going to hell.

* – Thanks Amma!