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October 22, 2007

It’s been a bad week for me electronics-wise. I lost my relatively new phone in a cab last week, midway through last week my iPod died on me (just as when I was beginning to enjoy Vortex) and today I spilt coffee on my beautiful work MacBook and it died on me too.

I’m beginning to wonder if in my last life, I was an abusive manufacturing-line worker for Intel who didn’t care less about electronics.

E-Karma Gods, please forgive me.

Squirt Me

October 3, 2007

The new Zunes are out – they look OK. The faces of the smaller, flash based ones seem to be inspired by Mickey Mouse, and I still don’t understand Microsoft’s weird obsession with the colour brown† and undecipherable punchlines: You make it you*.

Personally though, I hope the second-gen Zunes do well because that will only mean that the iPods will get much better. The Starbucks-music-buying-and-browsing feature on the iPod Touch seems to be a better executed version of the infamous squirt technology on the original Zune.

Here’s to great Zune sales.

*The first-gen had the great punchline: Welcome to the social.

†It’s actually a rather dirty green. My bad.