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Of Bhajans and Beef

October 16, 2005

Off to Samys I go!The senior who recommended this place to us warned of its obscurity and the immense quantities of food available – to the extent that he suggested that we skip the previous meal, before we head over to Singapore’s version of the Akshaya-paathra(m). He also spoke of it being started by an ex-Indian Army cook (which I think is just urban legend as there is no-one there who can pass off as someone who did some hard military time – even if it meant rolling chapathis at the Army Quarters).

So it was with a little doubt in our minds that we hesitantly told the cab driver ‘Umm Dempsey Road‘ as we decided to have our dinner at Samys on a lazy Saturday evening a few months back. Fortunately the cabbie was an old-timer who knew his way around town and he led us to Samys with minimum fuss. The surroundings of Samys are a throwback to the thattu-kadas in rural Kerala (if you take the S-class Mercs and the 7-series Beamers out of the picture), with very dense vegetation and pot-hole filled roads leading to the restaurant. The restaurant itself has a very Spartan feel to it with sparse furniture and bored waiters.

What sets Samys apart from other restaurants in the same genre (for want of a better word) is not just the quality of the food available but the old-world charm that it possesses. The very name of the place, the strain of devotional songs in the background, the waiters’ very stubborn attitude towards vegetarian food (the words sambar/salad/veggie are considered blasphemous), the absence of a menu (that’s the other thing – Samys has a very focused product offering and having a menu for 5 items would have looked plain ridiculous) and a very cosmpolitan clientele make for a comical combination.

Today…after numerous great meals (even one last night) I can proudly claim to be a Samys evangelist… Go get Samy-ed today!

P.S. The title of the post was just for artistic effect – Samys does not serve beef. 🙂