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Can I stick my head in the sand too?

July 27, 2007

…seems to be what Niranjan Shah is struggling to put to words, in an interview with where he admonishes the breakaway Indian Cricket League and the ‘vandals’ who are undermining the national pride associated with the current Indian team. Give me a break – apart from a brief revival in 2002-2003, Indian cricket has been in steady decline since the match-fixing scandal. They lost a lot of fervent fans (including myself who takes pride in having watched a classic Ind-v-Aus test match in the five days before a Class X Board Exam), after the dirty underbelly of Indian cricket was exposed in 2000.

Now, more than anger it is a general sense of apathy. I have a feeling most of my countrymen follow cricket almost out of a desperate longing for the ‘glory days’ – a faint hope that we will turn a corner and transform into world-beaters who can win anywhere.

In the face of a growing fervor of ‘I-don’t-care-anymore’, it seems even more ridiculous for the BCCI to take such a stand.

Wake up and smell the rot.

Since you can’t beat ’em…join ’em.

Postscript: It is funny that this is the same board; who a few years back argued in court that the Indian team does not play for India but in fact the BCCI; who is whining about national pride (or the absence of it)!