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Memories of an incredible night

October 23, 2008

Lunch times at Wego (when we aren’t hogging at Thai Smile Cafe or Pepper Lunch Clarke Quay) are spent catching up on YouTube and take-away lunches. Today I spent mine reliving that glorious night on the 21st of May this year, when Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Champions League.

Fate had decided to make things interesting and I had a US visa interview a couple of hours after the match would end, which meant that it probably wasn’t all that smart to sit up to watch the game. Something told me that the adrenaline of the match would keep me awake, and boy, was I right.

When I was a 17-year old in India, just beginning to understand club football, the first team I recognized was Manchester United and the thrilling footage of that final in Barcelona would always be etched in my mind. 21-May-2008 proved to be as good a replay as I could ever expect.

An Incredible Night.