A year and six months later…

I finally made the jump and I am a proud iPhone owner. Impressions after a day of usage:

  • It has to be the single-most gorgeous thing I have held in the palm of my hand. It is really really beautiful.
  • It did feel heavier than I thought it would when I first held it, but now, it feels very comfortable.
  • Typing on it in the first few hours, did make want to pull my hair out, but like Apple likes to claim, once you learn to trust the keyboard, it becomes easy. I definitely prefer this over T9.
  • Haven’t gotten to really speed-test 3G, but WiFi speed is quite good for browsing and email.
  • That said, YouTube performance is lacking – I haven’t been able to watch YouTube as seamlessly as I had hoped to watch.
  • I’m not sure if this is a feature per-se, (but if it is, it’s a nice little touch) – 3G is completely switched off if you are connected to a WiFi network. Apart from the benefits of not having to pay for 3G, it should defnitely help battery life too.
  • The AppStore is really awesome – the whole experience of downloading and installing applications – is so clean and so well thought-out.
  • Talking about third-party apps – the most impressive ones so far are FaceBook and Pennies. I also bought Super Monkey Ball, but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Twitterific is nice too, but feels kinda clunky. An app which I think would really use a lot (while commuting) is Instapaper (downloads all your Instapaper bookmarks for offline reading)

More later, as I need to get back to admiring the iPhone.



4 Responses to “A year and six months later…”

  1. Andy Croll Says:

    I’m getting one the moment I return to Singapore.

    I am not jealous.

  2. Mohanlal Says:

    Monae Dinesha .. glad you are liking the ess-perience of the iPhone. If you haav any doubt, you can ask me..

  3. arun Says:

    Dear Laletta – Glad thaat you have finally gotchen the iPhone. It’s about time you out-hipped Mammooty. We need to show him that we caan enjoy Chivas and tennology together.

  4. Mohanlal Says:

    Monae Dinesha — I have just been told that that cad, Mammootty, has bought one of those new Google gizmos. He’s been going around boasting that the Google phone is going to outsmart the iPhone very soon. Think of the naanha-kayd it will be for me if that is actually the case!! You got to save me from this … urgently. And I am also told that that other fella who thinks he can act — whatsisname, Jayaram! — is saving and not spending any of the totally unjustified acting fees he receives, to buy the new Blackberry launch when it comes out.. Talk of being stuck in the past!!
    Anyway, happy jiving with your iPhone … but don’t let it distract you so much that you forget to pay attention to Sneha!!
    Vokay Monae?

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