Designed in Cupertino, Sleepy in Singapore

Update: The MacBook has gone into a coma and is in intensive care as of writing. Technicians are standing by. They fear that it might require logic board transplant. It’s times like these I wish I had opted-in for the logic board donor program. 

Lately, I’ve been having some Kumbakarna/Rip-van-Winkle woes with my (work-) Macbook. In case you’re wondering – yes it is the same beautiful Macbook which I defaced about two months ago, and it’s come mac from the dead. But after the unfortunate spillage, it started showing signs of increased lethargy. To be more specific, it would go to sleep and never wake up (for at least a couple of hours). I let it go the first time, thinking that it probably is the after-effect of a caffeine stained logic board. But as luck would have it, it is not.

From various blogs, I gathered that MacBooks have a safe sleep feature (analogous to hibernate on Windows) which doesn’t quite work well. I’m not sure if it is on by default on Mac OS X 10.4 (it was, on mine) but to disable it, use this command in your favourite terminal (that’s a zero at the end):

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

Reboot and this disables the safe-sleep feature. Some other forums/blogs might instruct you to meddle with the nvram settings but this caused sleep to be completely non-functional for me. So just to be safe, use this command:

sudo nvram “use-nvramrc?”=true  

To be sure, use this command:

nvram -p | grep use-nvramrc  

and you should see the value true.I’ve lullabied the MB to sleep many times after making this change and so far it seems to have worked ok. Hopefully, the MacBook’s sleep disorder is behind it and it’s back to its energetic self.Postscript: I also realized after this entire episode that I am more forgiving of OS X’s shortcomings than I am of Windows’ shortcomings. Wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because when they get so many things right and very few wrong, I can cut them some slack.


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