Azaadi Dil Ki

I wanted to do a post in honour of our Independence Day yesterday, and what it means to me – an NRI sellout (who at one point in 1998 was full of patriotic fervor and vowed not to drink PepsiCo beverages in retaliation against American sanctions). Hopefully, that moment hasn’t passed yet.

India – I am sorry for not being part of the revolution you are going through now; I am sorry that I rarely visit; I am sorry that my only contribution to your economy these days is to fill up Yash Chopra’s coffers; I am sorry that I don’t really care about elections and politics anymore. This list can go on.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m still very proud of the identity that you have given me, and that must count for something.

Jai Hind!


4 Responses to “Azaadi Dil Ki”

  1. Lehmunade Says:


  2. snowbeak Says:

    i was thinking along the same lines, though i never got around to writing it this way. great stuff.

  3. cray Says:

    yeah man… I started reading the constitution 😛

  4. arun Says:

    Thanks guys! 🙂

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