The Mask of Fake Steve

John Gruber opines:

The question hinges on what exactly is the main source of Fake Steve’s appeal. Is it that he’s so good — sometimes scathingly funny, sometimes deeply insightful, and, at his best, both? Or was it the fact that his identity was a mystery?

I say it’s that he’s good. That his identity was unknown certainly added a mystique, but it was nothing more than a distraction from the work itself. If it were the main source of Fake Steve’s appeal, the novelty would have worn off months ago.

I disagree. His appeal was his scathingly funny perspective and his anonymity. It’s the reason why superheroes are so appealing – because they are anonymous. If their sole purpose is to be good at what they do, why choose to hide their identity in the first place? Now, Fake Steve is just another columnist blogger, and that sucks.

Just like how Batman will be just another law-enforcing government agent, without the mask.


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