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Da da dum da dum da

August 29, 2007

The beat goes on

What is it with Apple and Eminem? More specifically Lose Yourself? They got into trouble with the ad, now they are lifting lyrics. Brother may be in rehab, but this ain’t cool dawg.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pitch my tent at Wheelock Place.

Postscript: Image source – Engadget

Fake Celebrities and Onam

August 26, 2007

It was just past noon. I had just finished a scene for College Kumaran and was in my trailer, ready to break open a bottle of Chivas I had managed to smuggle onto the set. Apparently, my fans had complained that I tended to look hammered in many of my recent films. Give me a break, I have just been staying in character. Anyway, to appease them somewhat I had taken a vow not to indulge in one of the last pleasures that I have left in my life, but a man has his limits right? If sportsmen can inject themselves with steroids, actors can have the occasional drink(-ing binge) to keep them sane. To get back to my original point, I was in my trailer when I got a call from this chap in Singapore who ‘blogs’. He cut to the usual stuff – how he’s my biggest fan, how he’s seen all my movies, how he can’t wait for Sholay – savaarigirigiri. What came immediately after, took me completely by surprise.


Of anorexic computers

August 22, 2007

From Yahoo News:

Apple’s new iMac Campaign states that, “You can’t be too thin. Or too powerful.” The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness calls upon Apple to rethink their new media campaign.

The tagline has subsequently been removed from the iMac page. What next? Kim Jong Il taking offense and mailing Jobs with the subject ‘No one or thing can be as powerful as me’?

Update: Corrected the typo in the title. Thanks Ajay for pointing out.

Taxi-nomic Irony

August 21, 2007

It’s ten at night, and as if a long day isn’t bad enough, frantic hand-waving (which would put a teenage girl who just saw Hrithik Roshan to shame) results in a taxi driver pulling over, brusquely asking ‘where ah?’ and after realizing that you are pleading with him to take you to a destination not on his preferred route, waves you away and speeds off into the darkness.

What is ironic is that a lot of taxi drivers complain that their trade is not a profitable one, that they are victims of a cruel capitalistic economy; and yet their passenger-screening criterion is more stringent than that of the American Consulate. I always thought that public transport should not have private players – a case in point being my hometown, where cut-throat competition forces bus and rickshaw drivers to ignore traffic rules and the value of the human life, in order to squeeze that last rupee out of a single trip. The upside however is that you never have to wait more than five minutes to get any kind of public transport.

My point with this long-winded rant is that the public transport here is slipping into mediocrity, and probably what is needed to awaken it from its siesta is a potent cocktail of private bus companies, three-wheeler rickshaws and road-rash.

Azaadi Dil Ki

August 16, 2007

I wanted to do a post in honour of our Independence Day yesterday, and what it means to me – an NRI sellout (who at one point in 1998 was full of patriotic fervor and vowed not to drink PepsiCo beverages in retaliation against American sanctions). Hopefully, that moment hasn’t passed yet.

India – I am sorry for not being part of the revolution you are going through now; I am sorry that I rarely visit; I am sorry that my only contribution to your economy these days is to fill up Yash Chopra’s coffers; I am sorry that I don’t really care about elections and politics anymore. This list can go on.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m still very proud of the identity that you have given me, and that must count for something.

Jai Hind!

Save the due date

August 10, 2007

Some acts are tough to follow. Ask Andre Agassi’s son (in around 15 years), Farhan Akthar after he made Dil Chahta Hai, Kiefer Sutherland after he completed Season 1 of 24, and so on. The weight of expectation is immense and it takes an awful lot to muster a half-decent showing in the next attempt.

Which leads me to believe that the team behind 40 Year Old Virgin needs special mention for coming up with Knocked Up. In spite of the absence of a real plot; and the abundance of crass comedy, drugs, alcohol, sex, questionable dot-com ventures and slackers with ‘vision’, there is still so much charm in the way the characters go about dealing with ‘expecting the unexpected’. The laid-back hippie setting of Los Angeles helps the mood of the film no doubt, but its the performances and the super-witty one-liners which stand out.

I remember watching FYOV (that’s right – I acronymized it) a couple of years back and guffawing to glory. Expect pretty much the same with this second act.

The Mask of Fake Steve

August 7, 2007

John Gruber opines:

The question hinges on what exactly is the main source of Fake Steve’s appeal. Is it that he’s so good — sometimes scathingly funny, sometimes deeply insightful, and, at his best, both? Or was it the fact that his identity was a mystery?

I say it’s that he’s good. That his identity was unknown certainly added a mystique, but it was nothing more than a distraction from the work itself. If it were the main source of Fake Steve’s appeal, the novelty would have worn off months ago.

I disagree. His appeal was his scathingly funny perspective and his anonymity. It’s the reason why superheroes are so appealing – because they are anonymous. If their sole purpose is to be good at what they do, why choose to hide their identity in the first place? Now, Fake Steve is just another columnist blogger, and that sucks.

Just like how Batman will be just another law-enforcing government agent, without the mask.


August 4, 2007

precleanclean (v.) to precleanclean – To clean your house just the right amount before the maid comes in, so as to avoid snide remarks from the maid about the dust.

Typically, this is required when the maid has a Kill-Billesque attitude towards dust.

Dust (after painting maid into a corner): You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?

Maid: You know, for a moment there..yeah! I kinda did.

Dust (smirking): Silly Rabbit

Dust (moments later, after having half its head slashed off): Gulp. That is a real Hattori Hanzo broom.