Let the good times roll…

There was a time in 2002 when we used to play soccer every day. This was the time when everyone was doing their scheduled dose of summer internships, and since my internship involved sleeping with my hands on the keyboard in between sporadic periods of coding, midnight soccer used to be the only solace to an otherwise dreary day. So hooked were we on futbol (it wasn’t helping that the World Cup was going on at the same time), that we used to play in the feeble light of street lamps. The chemistry we shared on the football pitch (or ermm hard courts) evolved into enduring friendships (not to mention a kick-ass Lagaan-esque team which won a hard-court soccer tournament the same year. Granted, the tournament was only open to a few teams, with many participants not having touched a soccer ball in their lives…but what the heck, it was still something to be proud of.)

More recently, our lazy behinds have been dragged to the halo-ed courts at our university once again. We might have aged, have paunches from drinking binges and lack of exercise, lost to a rookie team (in a subsequent edition of the same tournament), and complain about tired calves and backs, but damnit the spirit still remains, and what’s left to say, other than…

let the good times roll.

6 Responses to “Let the good times roll…”

  1. Umesh Says:

    Arun can you please publish your feeds fully? Its partial now and not showing up in my reader. 🙂

    happy to see u back on the blogosphere. keep writing.

  2. arun Says:

    Hi Umesh thanks 🙂 Have to see what settings I need to change on wordpress.

  3. Umesh Says:

    Arun i think its the “More” link who is the culprit. I think you can loose that. Its just making the user click on one more link to read your post.

  4. Umesh Says:

    loose alla lose 😛

  5. arun Says:

    hehe yeah sheriyaa…I just read in the WordPress settings about that. Athu vekkaan kaaranam, so that long posts don’t stop the reader from reading them…should aim for short and sweet posts!

  6. Anuroop Says:

    Adipoli! 🙂

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