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Jak sie masz? My name-a iPhone. High-Five!

June 27, 2007

The initial reactions from the tech pundits seem to be concur with the famous words of a famous Kazakhi. The only drawbacks seem to be lack of features such as voice-recognition, and a slow network. The former is something which could have turned the iPhone from half-a-product to a half-assed product.

And the second is something I imagine to be on the to-do for revision 2 (which would coincide with an Asia release).

Niiice! I like!

Our 15 seconds

June 26, 2007


<What>Bezurk was featured on national television</What>

<When>Couple of weeks ago</When>

<WhereCanISee>YouTube, of course</WhereCanISee>



<Blog>Bezurk Blog</Blog>


<PostScript>I always thought this morning show was a little lame, but I guess I was wrong – they do know what they are talking about ;)</PostScript>


Let the good times roll…

June 24, 2007

There was a time in 2002 when we used to play soccer every day. This was the time when everyone was doing their scheduled dose of summer internships, and since my internship involved sleeping with my hands on the keyboard in between sporadic periods of coding, midnight soccer used to be the only solace to an otherwise dreary day. So hooked were we on futbol (it wasn’t helping that the World Cup was going on at the same time), that we used to play in the feeble light of street lamps. The chemistry we shared on the football pitch (or ermm hard courts) evolved into enduring friendships (not to mention a kick-ass Lagaan-esque team which won a hard-court soccer tournament the same year. Granted, the tournament was only open to a few teams, with many participants not having touched a soccer ball in their lives…but what the heck, it was still something to be proud of.)


Will the real iPhone SDK please stand up?

June 13, 2007

So…with WWDC done and dusted, the post-mortems and the analyses are out. There is a general sense of disappointment after it was completed (I felt it too) that the features Apple secretly guarded for a year didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded it. (Transparent 3D dock? – oh c’mon!) The saving grace could have been the rumored iPhone SDK, but that was found wanting too.

But is it all gloom in Apple-land? John Gruber believes that using Safari as an SDK is a slap in the face of developers who want to build ‘real’ iPhone apps. And while I understand his frustration – there are still some pieces missing from the jigsaw which can change the picture dramatically.


Ze Blog Iz Back

June 7, 2007

With not much in it. But this is also to announce that I have started blogging over at my company blog ( I’ve been working there for the last 5 months now and have been having a great time! For those not in the know, Bezurk (commonly mis-spelt as berserk, bezerk and beserk) is an up and coming travel search engine focused on Asia (and Australia).

So posts with a tech-focus will be posted over at the Bezurk Blog, whereas random musings will be done over here.

P.S. Can’t wait for WWDC. Rumour has it that brushed-metal 20″ iMacs are the highlight! (Fingers crossed)