Well, I knew something monumental had to wake me up from my Rip-van-Winklesque blogging slumber, and I as am wide awake at 0100 local time after having just witnessed yet another virtuoso performance by Apple Computer, Inc. I am forced to put finger(s) to keyboard.

It was almost impossible to live up to so much hype, and yet how Steve Jobs and the wonderful set of Apple engineers that work for him, managed to pull it off is beyond me. The iPhone, the object of much speculation and tech-lust, was finally announced today and it blows my mind how Apple can continue to innovate year-after-year. Although Apple is considered to be hardware company, I believe what drives its products to record sales, etc. etc. is its innovation in software. Any Apple product on the market today contains industry-standard hardware components/protocols – Intel microprocessors on the Mac (and I’m guessing on the iPhone too), Samsung flash chips on the iPod, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth – you name it, but what makes Apple products special is how they can bring all these various components together to work in harmony, with the help of quality software.

As Steve Jobs quoted Alan Kay today, ‘Anybody who is serious about software has to make their own hardware’, and the synergy that Apple brings between hardware and software is what makes them different. (In an interesting sidenote and a possible lesson from history – Jobs was quick to announce during the MacWorld keynote that the MultiTouch technology used on the iPhone is patented, which in my head translates to ‘Stay out Seattle, this is my party, you aren’t invited and that DOES NOT mean that you can host a cheaper party and steal my guests’.)

It’s days like these which make me proud to be an engineer – despite the glamour-less lives and lower pay-checks, the thrill of getting something to work, of doing cool stuff that changes peoples’ lives and that you are proud of, is something else – and I bet that’s what so many engineers at Apple must be feeling right now.


7 Responses to “iGaspInWideEyedAstonishment”

  1. mark day Says:

    How long must we the public wait to find out if you can put an iPhone in a blender and see it blend up like an iPod smoothie?


  2. Sherene Says:

    I am in an interesting position right now, trying to pick one of two choices: Thinkpad or Macbook. Have spent an agonizing few hours analyzing the choices to bits and yet, I’m not decided :-/ The whole iPhone episode is starting to affect my decision-making process though 😛

  3. Arun Says:

    Hands down MacBook! You can run Windows on Macs without a hitch now too, so if ever you want to go over to the Dark Side, you still have the option..

  4. A Mac can never WIN ;) Says:

    Dark Side ninde mattevan

  5. Lehmunade Says:


  6. Test Says:

    Hi all!


  7. Sherene Says:

    * poke *

    Update, lah! 😛

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