Is the mayo fat-free?

The following is a scene adapted from Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding:

“This is where we used to hang out during my college days…” his voice trailed off as he pointed to a run-down shack which had a huge bird painted on its wall. As they stepped into the humble yet familiar environs, a warm smile greeted them.

“Aunty two hash-brown burgers with cheese…” An even wider smile erupted on her wizened face as she went about the task of preparing their order.

“Aunty is the mayo fat-free?”

“Haha you working boys ah…cannomakkee leh. Kiasu ah you”

More laughter followed.

I miss NUS.

2 Responses to “Is the mayo fat-free?”

  1. Sherene Says:

    Lots of memories, huh? Wonder if I’ll be so wistful too, someday…

  2. Anush Says:

    wif cheese haaa?

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