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Forty Two

July 27, 2006

Recently, in my attempt to while away the monotony of an MRT ride (and look cool), I was trying very hard to comprehend the Tao Te Ching. In the past, I had always given up after page 1, so this time I was determined to absorb as much of the sacred teachings of the Tao as possible. As an aside, what is it with Eastern philosophy that makes it so cool? You never hear hippies from the 60’s go “Dude the Puranas are so totally awesome man!” On the other hand, a Chinese character tattooed on your arm is the zenith of cool. My theory is that we somehow mentally associate the far-east with martial arts. And let’s face it…there’s nothing kooler than karate.


Is the mayo fat-free?

July 17, 2006

The following is a scene adapted from Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding:

“This is where we used to hang out during my college days…” his voice trailed off as he pointed to a run-down shack which had a huge bird painted on its wall. As they stepped into the humble yet familiar environs, a warm smile greeted them.

“Aunty two hash-brown burgers with cheese…” An even wider smile erupted on her wizened face as she went about the task of preparing their order.

“Aunty is the mayo fat-free?”

“Haha you working boys ah…cannomakkee leh. Kiasu ah you”

More laughter followed.