For Money or Mankind – Part Tres

Previously on For Money or Mankind – Francis Odoyo is an aspiring social entrepreneur in Kenya, battling corruption, apathy and drought, when he chances upon a mysterious partner in his new venture, weeks before his all-important meeting with Greg.

The following is the Part 3 of the short story/essay titled For Money or Mankind.

“Good morning my name is Christina, how may I help you today?? Suchitra Nair spoke cheerfully into the microphone, her carefully rehearsed accent and tone masking the boredom and disgust that she felt towards the job she was currently in. Working in a call-centre in Bangalore, India, pretending to be someone else, was not exactly where she had set out to be. Suchitra had always dreamt of the excitement of startups and the excessive amounts of fame and money that it can offer and often ridiculed friends who were in 9- 5 jobs with corporate credit cards, health insurance and other worldly perks. That the flip-side, consisting of stress, failure and burnout never occurred to her, could be put down to her exuberance and strong will.

Her fledgling dot-com company, which she managed to run on the side, aimed to bring together the world’s experts to share their knowledge; thus creating a huge repository of information on the virtual superhighway that is the Internet. The fact that the company had no customers, revenue or publicity was a different matter altogether.

As fate would have it, during one of the boring night-shifts at her work place (brought to life only by her voracious ability to dredge up useful information from the Net), Suchitra stumbled upon the story of a mini-revolutionary in Kenya, who was looking to work against the prevailing system in order to change the face of the agricultural industry there. What struck her most were the words ‘consulting services and dissemination of knowledge in the domains of irrigation, pest and weed control and crop rotation’. “Perfect! I finally have a potential customer!? she yelped in silence. A barrage of e-mails and telephone calls later, an agreement was made in which would partner with Francis Odoyo’s non-profit organization to link poor farmers in Kenya with domain-experts from all over the world.

Friday the 13th? I don’t believe it…? Suchitra sighed on the day of the videoconference which would undoubtedly change the lives of three individuals, and possibly thousands more.

To be continued…(Finale in next post).


4 Responses to “For Money or Mankind – Part Tres”

  1. Hasthanath Says:

    Good flow Arun.. the spices of three continents sounds interesting converging to the point.. keep positing without delay man..

  2. Sherene Says:

    Nice run up to the finale 🙂 And the many interesting elements and dynamics of the present market scenario in the story make for a good read.

  3. arun Says:

    Thanks Guruji and Sherene 🙂

  4. Petro Says:

    hi, hi, hi! Beautiful site.

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