Close Encounters of the Fishy Kind

The words Astro-Palmistry should have been sufficiently forewarning. But no…I was sucked into a whirlpool of curiosity, intrigue and hype (zealously whipped up by a fellow victim of palmist-fraud) and after two failed attempts at meeting someone whom testimonials described as possessing ‘beautiful energy’ – I finally got my future laid out to me.

It’s hard to take a palmist seriously when he addresses himself as Master. More so, when he barely looks at your palm and instead makes all his predictions by staring directly at you. Nonetheless, life apparently will be very good to me – all the luck I can get, few or no failures and complete job security. The only negative (and creepy) prophecy made, was that my future wife is either someone who is not even born yet, or is eligible for pension.

After seeing the last of the 10-dollar bill as it slid into the Master’s pocket…I walked away…and my eyes were opened. But heck, it was still fun while it lasted 🙂


8 Responses to “Close Encounters of the Fishy Kind”

  1. Sherene Says:

    Ah, so the question is: are you a cradle-snatcher, or will you be cradle-snatched? 😛 😛
    Palmists, numerologists, astrologers – from whatever I’ve experienced with any of these people, the trend seems to be that they predict very positively for career matters and negatively for marital issues. Unless all of us are going to have extremely similar life experiences, I’m inclined to believe that it’s all one big fraud!

  2. arun Says:

    Hehe yeah, I’m hoping the answer to the question is neither. Anyway this was first time to one of em, so it was fun to listen to sagely words 🙂

  3. Hasthanath Says:

    Palmistry is a great science.. but cannot read palm unless someone looks at the palm!! not looking at your eyes or your $$ notes in pocket.. the bauty of palmistry (palm mystery) is if your palm reading is not so good or has wrong engraving right from birth.. thanks to the bio-developments.. find a good plastic surgeon who can re-write your fate or future..
    Thanks fellas.. Hasthnath

  4. Hasthanath Says:

    Dear Sishya!! you seem to be confused about Palm and Palm!! I had an intuition that you think I am crazy.. if you read my comment and think.. I meant you can always correct your fate lines in palm or head.. if you put 50% effort.. :):) santhi.. santhi.. santhi.. I appeared to you in a chinese body!! next time I will change..
    Guruji Hasthanath

  5. arun Says:

    Hi Guruji Hasthanath – I appreciate your wise words and will be on the lookout for transforming palmists in the future 🙂

  6. Umesh Says:

    There is this palmist near our college, Kasi. Kasi is not full gas. But he is 50 50. I think he believes in the masala theory of mine. Any dry story or happening will be interesting to hear if it told with full of masala. and he know a bit of psychology too. If his client is from the nearby college, he only touches the most interesting part – romance. He starts with bits and if the bakra is not contradicting then he will freak out. Now if he contradicts, he will change his tracks a bit still being there on the romance front. May be he will predict a possible romance etc. Once he has told me that any one who hasnt fallen in love atleast once in his life has serious problems and must see a doctor. But its fun to listen to him. I like reading astrological predictions over the net etc. Even now i make a point that i meet Kasi whenever i go home. 50% of whatever he said has come true or i have made sure that it comes true…

  7. Umesh Says:

    Sorry for the typos

  8. cedaevacuub Says:

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