Rang De Basanti!

In 2001, three guys defined what it is to be cool in Bollywood, sparking offRDB legions of wannabes with soul beards (myself included), in a landmark film. Five years later, five guys (and a gal) have redefined cool in a movie, which I think will inspire youngsters to engage in something less superficial than the controlled growth of facial hair. If I go overboard with superlatives in this post…please excuse, but I was just blown away.

Everything from the casting to the music to the photography is top-class. I had my reservations on whether Aamir Khan could pull of playing a college-going youth, but boy, was I wrong. Several subtle undercurrents, such as Hindu and Muslim extremism, shady arms deals, etc. add spice to the main theme – the apathy demonstrated by the new face of India.

I could go on, but that would just spoil the fun you are guaranteed to have…

P.S. To the Johars and Chopras – you can make a beautiful film in India too, without going to Australia, Switzerland or England. Not convinced? Watch Rang De Basanti.

One Response to “Rang De Basanti!”

  1. Umesh Says:

    Arun… Ormayundo ee mugham? I got to know about ur blog from ani. just checked it out today and hey the title itself impressed me. I have just scanned thru the first page. Seems very interesting. i will be going thru all ur posts in the coming days. and then i noticed this post. I just posted a review on Rang De Basanti on my blog Non breaking Space and i was surprised to see one here too. Please see my blog and gimme ur valuable comments. I’m a starter.

    Happy to get hold of u after a long time. and i hope this will be a new reason for us to be in touch. I have seen ajay’s blog too. recommended him to use flickr. anyways… Have a nice time and keep up the good work.

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