Steve’s Excellent Adventure

Life does have a weird way of turning full circle. Nine years ago, a certain fruit-company was down on its luck, a certainSteve J boring company had the gall of asking this fruit company to shut down and return its shareholders their money, a funny-sounding company was beginning to make waves in the digital animation industry, and a legendary company still had a significant hold over Hollywood.

Circa 2006, the fruit company now has a market cap greater than the boring company and the legendary company is beaten at its own game by the funny-sounding company (and is on the verge of being a distant memory = Hollywood disaster). The common thread tying these stories together: a certain someone known as Steve Jobs.

As Disney’s imminent “takeover” of Pixar looms in the near future, Mr. Jobs must be smirking at how he has come back with a vengeance. Ironically, this move will make him its single largest shareholder, as well as one of its corporate directors. With Apple’s foray into the digital living-room, this has got to be the defining moment in transforming convergence (of television, personal computing and entertainment) from a buzzword into reality. Even if direct Apple-Disney partnerships don’t pan out immediately, the presence of a maverick from Silicon Valley in Disney boardrooms will go a long way in changing traditional mindsets.

Don’t be surprised if a certain perplexed company from Seattle, in their long-standing tradition of copying the fruit-company, decide to take over a Hollywood firm. (Universal Pictures perhaps? *shudder*)


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