You think you know who you are…

You have absolutely no idea.Yin Yang

Ok first-things-first, I did not come up with this – credit goes to the brilliant marketers/screen-writers behind this brilliant movie. This is not your typical high-on-banned-substance-philosophical-spouting and to me, it does make a lot of sense. More so, after having read a book in which it is argued (and proven by experiments) that human character is something greatly influenced by circumstances.

And so I’ve begun to wonder…whether I would

  • reach out to help someone when my own life is in danger
  • be prejudiced towards someone else (on the basis of race/religion/caste) in the face of a major decision (all other things being equal)
  • turn to crime, because the neighborhood that I (hypothetically) grew up in, was a haven for serial-killers, extortionists and drug-lords

The truthful answer is – I don’t know. It is kind of a given that everyone wants to be the nice guy in the most trying of circumstances, but its a different matter altogether as to whether he actually will be. I find it hard to predict how one will behave in extreme life-altering incidents, however good his upbringing, education and character.

Heck, all of us (ok most of us) seem to undergo negative-shifts in personality/character each time we come across a junior in the months of July/August at university every year!

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