In her ShoezZz

Having not slept for more than 24 hours and despite numerous jibes from my friends about my tendency to sleep through movies, I ventured out to watch In Her Shoes. I had liked L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile from the same director and expected to spend a more-than-mediocre two hours of my day. It’s hard to form an opinion of the film after having watched a grand total of ten minutes (of which a major portion was achieved without my glasses…managed to lose them temporarily too), but my gut feeling tells me I didn’t miss much during my longish nap.

As Sun-Tzu (might have) said , “Don’t watch bad movie, catch up sleep instead”

One Response to “In her ShoezZz”

  1. Ajay Thampi Says:

    What Sun Tzu might have meant was, “Don’t even venture for a movie, if you are sleepy!” hehe…

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