What grinds my gears…

In the spirit of one of the funnier movies I saw this, ermm..last year, here goes my first published rant (no doubt I have engaged in countless verbal ones)

You know what really grinds my gears? New Year Resolutions…like Jan 1 is the only day a person can decide to suddenly become good. What is up with that huh? Like Jack the Ripper once must have thought –Peter Griffin

‘I resolve never to shed blood again, no wait…I still have 364 days before I stop’

Sheesh…what is even worse is when celebrities blurt out ‘My New Year Resolution is never to make any more resolutions’ For God’s sake I know that you guys are used to stuff being written for you, but Elmer Fudd could come with a better line than that!

And that – ladies and gentlemen is what grinds my gears…

Happy New Year Everybody!


One Response to “What grinds my gears…”

  1. Sherene Says:

    And my resolutions for the year are… Ok, ok, I’ll stop! *grin*

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