Cos some things never change…

India Shining? To me it’s more India Changing, every visit home over the last 5 years is a stark reminder that my homeland is hurtling towards what can only be described as modernity. Structured change can only seem to happen in a cocoon-ized place such as the current country of my residence. In India, change seems to happen in such a random and rapid manner with no central agent directing it, which makes it even harder to believe that change is actually taking place.

And yet…

Every time I arrive at the Airport Immigration counter, I am greeted by a jovial policeman who likes to flip through every page of my passport, enquire about my general well-being, keep everyone else waiting impatiently in line, and generally have a good time at someone else’s expense, just as any true-blue government servant should…

Cos some things never change.

The arrival of the President of India at my hometown causes huge confusion and traffic jams which results in a minor accident involving my vehicle. The policemen on duty don’t seem to have a care in the world (keeping up the proud tradition of government servants) and the subsequent melee ensures that we are stuck in grumpy, maniacal traffic for a good two hours.

Cos some things never change.

A major political party (among a few hundreds) which recently formed in Kerala is named DIC(K). In all seriousness this stands for the Democratic India Congress (Karunakaran) [or something along similar lines].

Cos some things never change.

Plans are afoot to build the Cochin Marina and the Cochin Metro. Sadly, I won’t be surprised if five years later, the above-mentioned plans are still being investigated for feasibility.

Cos some things never change.

There is no electricity for 8 hours straight and angry calls to the Electricity Office are met with equally indignant responses (‘What are we supposed to do if the tree branch falls on the electric line?’) from adrenalin charged government officials brought up on misinterpreted teachings of Lenin and Marx.

Cos some things never change.

And yet…

The cool winter breeze in the morning, the hot cup of home-made coffee, the warm, earthy smell as dust emerges when maids begin their day sweeping courtyards, the simple, God-fearing, fatalistic attitude towards everything in life – are among a million things I will not give up for anything else in the world. And which is why I yearn to come back to this beautiful place I call home…

Cos some things never change…


4 Responses to “Cos some things never change…”

  1. Sherene Says:

    Random changes and some good ol’ things which never change…life doesn’t get more interesting, does it? =)

  2. arunthampi Says:

    Yup no shortage of excitement 🙂 Before I forget, Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year!

  3. janesh Says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year bud!

    Heard from Vij that u were stuck in a bad traffic while on way to his house, but had to return home after 2 hours in traffic! Is it the same jam u speak about?

  4. janesh Says:

    & sorry in advance for stealing your ex-theme for my blog…

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