Will he or won’t he?

There's just one more thing...For a Mac fan-boy there cannot be anything sweeter than to hear His Steveness utter the words “There’s just one more thing….” Well the day has come when the followers of the temple at 1, Infinite Loop, Cupertino wait with bated breath, as the Chief Apostle once again has promised to deliver another breath-taking product.

There has been much speculation over the last few days/weeks as to what Jobs would pull out of his hat this time, and theories have been as exciting as the announcement of the Holy Grail itself – the Video iPod, to a more down-to-earth prediction of an updated PowerBook line (*Boring*) A few more hours and we will know…

I for one and am looking forward to a Video iPod – the shortage of video content does not really affect me ‘cos I don’t have access to the iTunes store anyway and so in any case will not be able to buy any videos…but I would sure like to watch Family Guy on boring bus trips…

Update: Turns out he did release the video iPod – now to start saving up…

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