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Of Bhajans and Beef

October 16, 2005

Off to Samys I go!The senior who recommended this place to us warned of its obscurity and the immense quantities of food available – to the extent that he suggested that we skip the previous meal, before we head over to Singapore’s version of the Akshaya-paathra(m). He also spoke of it being started by an ex-Indian Army cook (which I think is just urban legend as there is no-one there who can pass off as someone who did some hard military time – even if it meant rolling chapathis at the Army Quarters).

So it was with a little doubt in our minds that we hesitantly told the cab driver ‘Umm Dempsey Road‘ as we decided to have our dinner at Samys on a lazy Saturday evening a few months back. Fortunately the cabbie was an old-timer who knew his way around town and he led us to Samys with minimum fuss. The surroundings of Samys are a throwback to the thattu-kadas in rural Kerala (if you take the S-class Mercs and the 7-series Beamers out of the picture), with very dense vegetation and pot-hole filled roads leading to the restaurant. The restaurant itself has a very Spartan feel to it with sparse furniture and bored waiters.

What sets Samys apart from other restaurants in the same genre (for want of a better word) is not just the quality of the food available but the old-world charm that it possesses. The very name of the place, the strain of devotional songs in the background, the waiters’ very stubborn attitude towards vegetarian food (the words sambar/salad/veggie are considered blasphemous), the absence of a menu (that’s the other thing – Samys has a very focused product offering and having a menu for 5 items would have looked plain ridiculous) and a very cosmpolitan clientele make for a comical combination.

Today…after numerous great meals (even one last night) I can proudly claim to be a Samys evangelist… Go get Samy-ed today!

P.S. The title of the post was just for artistic effect – Samys does not serve beef. 🙂

Will he or won’t he?

October 12, 2005

There's just one more thing...For a Mac fan-boy there cannot be anything sweeter than to hear His Steveness utter the words “There’s just one more thing….” Well the day has come when the followers of the temple at 1, Infinite Loop, Cupertino wait with bated breath, as the Chief Apostle once again has promised to deliver another breath-taking product.

There has been much speculation over the last few days/weeks as to what Jobs would pull out of his hat this time, and theories have been as exciting as the announcement of the Holy Grail itself – the Video iPod, to a more down-to-earth prediction of an updated PowerBook line (*Boring*) A few more hours and we will know…

I for one and am looking forward to a Video iPod – the shortage of video content does not really affect me ‘cos I don’t have access to the iTunes store anyway and so in any case will not be able to buy any videos…but I would sure like to watch Family Guy on boring bus trips…

Update: Turns out he did release the video iPod – now to start saving up…

Hello World!

October 12, 2005

At long last, I’ve managed to get off my lazy behind and enter the world of digital publishing.Salaam Namaste! Although I generally laugh off talk about fate and destiny, the sequence of events which have led me to this post appears to be little more than a coincidence.

It all began when I pretended to be a blogger to complete an online survey, followed by watching the creative shenanigans of an author played by Mohanlal in a movie and me thinking to myself ‘geez I wish I could write stuff like that’. Then came the invite-to-start-a-blog from the fellows over at WordPress on Vijayadashami (which according to Hindu culture is an auspicious day to begin any form of learning or creative activity). The signs were too strong for me to ignore, and so here I am writing my first weblog!

So like an anxious producer of a TV show which just completed its pilot episode, I hope to get past the first post and continue to ramble randomly!